The Wrocław Technical University (Politechnika Wrocławska, PW) had had an explosion of ideas in 2014, with 153 submissions to the Polish patent office (Urząd Patentowy), including 123 patents granted.

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Wrocław Polytech is an ideas machine

The office divulged that other main submitters were the Wrocław University of Life Sciences with 74, the Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza with 60, and the West Pomeranian University of technology in Szczecin with 40.

In total the Patent Office received 3941 submissions for inventions, and 913 for utility models. A little more than 28,5% of all applications came from universities and colleges, notably submissions from the economic sector were in decline.

Some of the inventions

Among the inventions that have been reported in the previous year by researchers at Wroclaw is a localised land assessor, by staff of the Department of Mechanics, prof. Piotr Dudziński, Dr. Damian Stefan. The appliance examines the dynamic effect of chassis all-terrain vehicles on the strength and deformation of the land.
– Andrzej Charytoniuk of PW.

Inventions of scientists with PW are interested also in commerce, Katarzyna Paprzycka, with the Department of intellectual property and patent information Wroclaw.

For example, the company Bioavlee, which deals with technologies to recognize strains of bacteria, has implemented a way to study colonies of bacteria grown on substrates and the optical system to their research, developed by Prof. Halina Podbielska and Igor Buzalewicz from the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology. With solutions from 2014, the University reported to the Patent Office a dozen items already awaiting commercialising.
-Paprzycka added.

We’ve heard a lot of good science news from Wrocław and PW this year, including these PW students who set the Polish record for a 250km wi-fi connection, and this new PW aviation research facility.

Inventions with commercial potential

Among the more interesting submissions described by Paprzycka with commercial potential:

A tank with an “Apparatus for taking out and metering out fine particulate matter of low liquidity from containers holding them”, a materials and storage sleeve created by Prof. Eugeniusz Hotała from the Department of Engineering and Water. They have been used by the company Feerum.

Another patented invention is a way of producing a miniature chain polymerase reaction to maintain a reactor, and a miniature nuclear reactor to conduct polymerase chains, developed by Dr Paweł Bembnowicz and Prof. Leszek Golonka. The solution is used by Best Medical Innovations.

Inventions and solutions created by students and workers of PW continually attract a lot of investor interest. In recent times particular attention was caught by the EZI-Hand, a universal hand prostheses, with innovative technology research into proteolytics, and special equipment to detect Alzheimer’s disease through voice analysis.

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