Students from science group “Wireless Group of the Technical University of Wrocław” have set the Polish long-distance wifi connection record, being the second longest in Europe and third longest in the world.

image 250km map

The wifi path

The young Wrocłowians established the connection on Saturday between the mountain Beskid Żywiecki at an elevation of 1725m, and Wielka Sowa at 1015m.

They posted their success on social media:

A success! We established today the Polish record for the length of the Wi-Fi connection at 5 GHz, 250 km distance achieved! Because college students from Wrocław break stereotypes and make things happen.

image Polish students

The jubilant students – images from their Facebook event page

The Wireless Group is made up of students studying engineering, masters and doctoral degrees, and other people with the same goals, located at the Technical University of Wrocław. Their mandate and interests include interest group networking, mobile telecommunications, and in particular the latest telecommunications systems.

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The students spent over a year in preparation, collected the equipment and took two teams to the two peaks. Well done Mariusz Kondratowicz, Jakub Jochimiak, Marek Wesołowski, Karol Struk, Daniel Szostak, Mateusz Chudziński, Marcin Maroszek, Kamil Sadowy, Piotr Maks and Daniel Kosowski.

See the guys in action on YouTube:


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