Wrocław Technical University (PW) will be creating a new research complex and training centre on a 340Ha former airport site, the “Lotnisko w Oleśnicy (woj. dolnośląskie)”. It can be seen on this map link.

image jet engine

Eight laboratories are planned

The future intentions for the site include no less than eight laboratories, including flight simulation, aviation engineering, and the PW does not rule out it’s use for air sports, air shows, cultural events, historical shows, and exhibition activities.

A letter of intent has been signed between the rector of the PW and the head of the military property agency. The deal has not been finalised, but the PW is to be given purchase preference. Estimates of the sale value are in the region of 75 million złoty.

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The PW rector prof. Tadeusz Więckowski enthuses about the possibilities:

With a lot of the technology developed by the Institute, we’re not in a position to check and examine results in Wrocław. The airport in Oleśnica is a great opportunity for us, because in addition to aeronautical equipment, we can put parts of power-related departments, mechanics and electronics.

The minister of defense, Tomasz Siemoniak, wanted to stress the importance of cooperating with Poland’s technical institutes as a key part of modernisation of the armed forces.

We would like to announce the research and scientific project piloted by the Ministry. We are committed to ambitious plans that scientists can carry out. We aim to modernise the army, we also want to improve industry and science.

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