Polish alpinist Janusz Adam Adamski is 49 years old and it seems that before he is 59 he will not be able to climb any mountain in Nepal.


10 years without such a view

The mountaineer from Szczecin climbed Mount Everest on 21st May. He started his climb from the Chinese side, but then went down the trail which is located on both sides of the Sino-Nepal border and crossed the border with Nepal.

It turned out that Adamski possessed a Chinese climbing permit, however, he was not allowed to cross the Nepali border. The Nepali officials did not like it, so they expelled him from Nepal and punished him with a 10-year ban.

He chose the trail because he was running out of oxygen?

Adamski will not be admitted to any Nepali summit for ten years, according to mountaineering rules – says Kamal Parajuli, representative of Nepali tourism office.

As Parajuli reveals, Adamski explained that he chose this route because he was running out of oxygen. He hoped that on the Nepalese side he would meet more mountaineers who could help him out.

The cost of the Nepali license that allows climbing Mount Everest is $11,000, according to Reuters.

Janusz Adam Adamski does not comment on the situation.

Adamski not the only one to get banned

The case of the Polish mountaineer is not isolated. In May, Ryan Sean Davy of South Africa also received a ten-year ban on climbing the Himalayas when he tried to get to Mount Everest without proper permits.


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