Lark, MyPhone, Pentagram, Kruger & Matz, GoClever – these are not the names of Western companies, but Polish companies producing smartphones and tablets. These brands are pushing forward on the domestic market, but do they actually have a chance to challenge the global giants?

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Halo! To nie polski telefon!

Polish smartphones are often called B brands, because the products of leading global companies are so much better when it comes to quality and functionality. Until recently, few people, when choosing a new phone, would consider a Polish smartphone. It’s no wonder. Domestic brands had left a lot to be desired, because their components were lower quality.

Today, however, many phones of Polish manufacturers aspire to the level of equipment offered by the market leaders, and many manage to match them. Provided that we take into account mobile devices which are in the same price range, because flagship models of brands such as Apple, Samsung and HTC have no competition. For now, Polish brands can only offer lower competitive prices, it is the main reason we would ever consider a change from a well-known brand, and take a chance with an unknown phone.

What are their prices?

  • MyPhone Infinity 3G smartphone has a 4.7 inch screen, 8-megapixel camera and is encased in Gorilla Glass 3 glass. Its cost is approx. 700 zł (€165).
  • Pentagram Monster X5 Pro costs the same amount, and is equipped with a 5-inch display, 13-megapixel camera and a superdurable 6000mAh battery.
  • Kruger & Matz Live 2 costs about 630 zł is a smartphone that supports LTE fast data transmission. 4GB built-in memory can be expanded with a Micro SD card.

Polish brands fit in the segment of low or medium budget smartphones, because such devices are selling best. They are making big efforts to build strong brand names. The aim is that in a few years a customer will enter a shop and say, for example: “oh, this is Kruger & Matz. I like their products”. However, this isn’t an easy task, Polish companies still have to work on the software, right now even a less experienced user can spot the difference between a leader brand phone and a Polish one.

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On the other hand, Polish producers better know their native market, so they can meet the expectations of the Polish people, for example, which they don’t take advantage of enough. They are rarely included in the offers of mobile operators.

Why? There are several reasons. Consumers prefer well known brands, and Polish producers do not have the resources for big advertising campaigns. Another reason is that the operators are selling a huge number of devices, so decide to make deals with well-known and reliable brands. Many mobile operators are afraid that a Polish company would not be able to organise the huge supply, and then service of tens of thousands of devices.

There is, however, a way to get into the market. The popularity of prepaid tariffs, where customers must themselves purchase a phone, opens up space for the so-called mid-range and low-cost devices. And the Polish brands with their cheap but good products fit perfectly in this package.

The phones are manufactured in China, and run Android or Windows operating systems.

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