The Netflix Poland website has changed from “Not available in your country” to “Not available yet” and added an invitation box for future users to enter an email address, in order to be notified on launch. It’s more significant than it seems.

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If they follow true to their usual pattern of behaviour in other countries, it means they will definitely be launching. There is no official date but we do know they have not been slow, in other European countries, and that this expansion is a top priority for them.

The expatriates of Poland will be overjoyed. In the Swiss launch earlier this year for example, all the TV & movies originally English, are available in English. Chances are very good that they will do the same in Poland.
Ironically, for ex-pats in the know, the new service will not only be competing with Polish television services, but indeed with Netflix US, as many locals use geographic masking to stream Netflix direct from the US to Poland.

The present Polish television options are usually Polish dubbing, or have English with a terrible, monotone man’s voice for Polish voiceover, for all roles, including men, women and children, or, as seen even on an expensive HBO subscription channel, have English available on the first few episodes of something, then just disable it leaving Polish only.

It’s only a matter of time before Netflix comes here, as they proceed on their mission to take over the world. Local cable companies are right to be scared. In other countries streaming television services like Netflix have caused a massive increase in “cable cutting”, where viewers dump their cable subscriptions and move to all-internet, on-demand services. Figures fluctuate wildly but seem to be in the region of 50,000 per month.

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Networks are jumping in to the streaming trend, now with HBO and CBS offering internet-only subscriptions.

Netflix has more than 65 million customers wordwide, and add roughly another million every month. Their share price has doubled in the last six months, giving them a market cap of $53 billion.

If they follow the pricing structure used elsewhere, expect to pay between 30 and 40 złoty per month. If you want them to hurry up, you could do worse than surfing over to the Netflix Poland page and signing up.

This topic has a more recent update: Netflix Poland opens, and will save you 5.9 days a year of missed ads.

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