By the end of 2015 CEDC’s flagship brand is supposed to take the third place among the best selling vodkas in the world.

Bison grass and white Żubrówka

Bison grass and white Żubrówka

The third place means that only Diageo’s Smirnoff and Absolut belonging to Pernod Ricard will be ahead of the Polish brand.

In contrast to its competitors, who are present on over 100 markets worldwide, Żubrówka’s good sales results have been achieved mainly thanks to Polish consumers, and more than 40 other countries where it is exported – says Monzer Elabrashy, president of CEDC, leader of the Polish vodka market.

In 2015, taking into account the 2014 sales, the vodka produced in Białystok moved up to 6th place among the 30 best selling vodkas in the world – according to this year’s Millionaires’ Club ranking published by the British magazine “Drinks International”. In 2014, it was in 11th place. Not counting Smirnoff and Absolut, ahead of Żubrówka were, among others: Khortytsa from Global Spirits, Chlebny Dar belonging to the Bayadera group, and Pyat Ozer Alcohol Siberia Group.

The Millionaires’ Club list includes alcohol brands whose sales in a given year amounted to at least 1 million of 9-litre boxes. In 2014 Żubrówka sales reached 46.8 million litres, compared to 39.6 million litres in 2013. Sales of Smirnoff amounted to 230.4 million litres, and 99.9 million litres of Absolut.

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High sales of Żubrówka are not only the result of popularity of the drink flavoured with bison grass, but also of its white version – Żubrówka Biała. The latter, at the end of 2014, was the most popular vodka in Poland. Thus, it largely contributed to the fact that, at the beginning of this year, CEDC, after a six-year break, returned to a leading position deposing Stock Poland (Żołądkowa Gorzka, Lubelska, 1906).

Żubrówka is particularly popular in France, Ukraine and Hungary. Within seven months of this year, its exports increased by 60 percent.

Still, the domestic market is 80% responsible for the growth of Żubrówka sales – says head of CEDC.

The increase in sales of CEDC on the shrinking vodka market in Poland – within seven months of 2015 its sales was 2.4% lower than last year – is also influenced by good results of Żytniówka and Bols.

In contrast to its competitors, CEDC sales grow in the traditional trade, i.e. in small shops, which constitutes more than 60% of vodka sales in Poland, and, as Monzer Elabrashy points out, is key because there is a higher sales margin. From January to July 2015, CEDC increased sales in small shops by almost 31%. This made its shares on the market almost equal to Stock Poland – its largest competitor.

Our goal is the first place in the traditional trade channel – says the CEO of CEDC.

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