He built his first robot at the age of three, and was already able to multiply and divide at the age of six. Kamil Wroński, a brilliant eight-year-old has begun his univesity studies at the Technical University of Lublin.

Kamil is getting familiar with the labs at the Lublin TU

Kamil is getting familiar with the labs at the Lublin TU

“Someone like that happens once in ten million,” says professor Paweł Droździel, vice-dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Lublin TU.

He started constructing his first block robots at the age of three. Then, he gradually developed his interest.

We would buy him another more complex blocks set, eg. with electronic elements. He was always able to deal with them and eventually constructed more complex work – says Patryk Wroński, the father of the boy – When he went to kindergarten, I asked him how much he ate that day. He answered: “one half of the soup and three-quarters of the main dish.” While his peers learnt about numbers, he already used fractions – adds Mr. Wroński.

Before sending him to school Kamil’s parents sent him for a pedagogical and psychological test. They wanted to see if he should start learning as a six year old. The results showed that when it comes to science Kamil knows a lot more than its peers. In mathematics alone he was ahead of them by almost six years.

Individual classes with lecturers

In the first and second grade of primary school he could not at first find his place at school. At Maths classes he was very nervous, because his knowledge far exceeded the level of other students. When other children were learning addition and subtraction, he had already written multiplied and divided – says the father. And he adds: – Every few months, he did further tests. Over time, it turned out that Kamil’s knowledge in the field of mechatronics is on an academic level. He also knows the basics of electronics, mechanics and physics.

Currently Kamil goes to the Primary School No. 21 in Lublin. He has an individual learning mode. He goes to most classes as a third-grader, but he attends Maths and IT with older students. In his spare time he creates microcontrolers, he can also create integrated circuits. More recently, he is the youngest student in the history of Lublin University of Technology. Every Tuesday for several hours Kamil participates in individual classes with university teachers.

Prof. Paweł Droździel, vice-dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, notes that Kamil’s case is unique in the world.

Such geniuses are very rare, even once in ten million. As a university we faced a difficult attempt to adjust our offer to the level of perception of an eight year old. We cannot forget that Kamil, although he has a lot of knowledge, is still a child – admits the scientist – We give him the best we have, that is, professional staff and modern equipment. In this way, we want to develop his abilities and skills, but do not want to take his childhood away – prof. Droździel adds.

Getting to know the labs

Kamil does not have a specific curriculum. For now, under the guidance of scientists, he is getting familiar with laboratories at the Technical University. On Tuesday, during the first class, he was taught how to control a production line. Students majoring in mechatronics, electronics and computer science have similar classes.

After he gets comfortable with the place and with the equipment we plan to include Kamil in an ordinary group of students. It will not be easy, but we hope we will overcome all barriers – adds Deputy Dean prof. Droździel.

Kamil’s dad points out that science is not everything.

My son likes to play ball and ride a bike. He has many colleagues with whom he spends a lot of time – he adds.

Kamil himself does not like journalists. He admits that interviews tire him and he would like to finally have “some peace”.


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