“Yes to black burgers. No to economic refugees” – this is the election campaign slogan of a Parliament candidate from Kraków Katarzyna Bielańska. In her election leaflet she juxtaposes an image of dark-skinned refugees with a black burger. She admits this was intentional, even though she is not a racist.

Image of a black burger

Black burger as a symbol of a dark-skinned refugee

The flyers are to be distributed today. As part of her promotional campaign the candidate distributes black burgers among the citizens of Kraków.

I give away burgers instead of the typical electoral fudge – she explains. At the same time she ensures that the association of jet-black buns with refugees is intentional. – Black colour buns are a reference to the skin colour of refugees, which is darker than the skin colour of Poles. Hence, the use of precisely those buns. There is absolutely no racist overtone because I’m not a racist – she assures – It’s just a reference to the Polish economic situation. I think that we should first take care of our citizens, we cannot afford to feed economic refugees – she adds.

She pointed out that she has nothing against political refugees, but also added that taking all the refugees could be dangerous for Poland. In her leaflet she also included a website address, and according to the site the candidate has been importing black burger buns from the Far East.

Some party members have criticised Katarzyna Bielańska for using such an image and for her strong words in such a delicate matter, but she is not discouraged and intents to continue with the election campaign in its current form.

The campaign certainly will not be interrupted. I’m not going to change the contents of the leaflets also. The author of this concept is the guru of European advertising – announced the candidate. She would not, however, divulge the name of the guru.

This is not the first unusual idea of Katarzyna Bielańska for an election campaign. Earlier, in the elections to the Kraków city council she promoted an ambiguous picture along with the slogan “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. Then she admitted that the slogan “was to be associated with sexuality.”

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