The Polish capital has been chosen to host the world’s first Pokémon GO tournament. Everything is going to take place at the Vistula University premises (ul. Stokłosy 3, Warsaw) on July, 31st and start at 10 o’clock.

They are everywhere!

They are everywhere!

One of the reasons to choose Warsaw as the tournament host is that there are some 1,000 spots in the city alone with Pokémon marked, which is more than in Berlin (31), London (187) or Lisbon (372).

Pokémon GO is based on a popular Japanese cartoon (later animated TV series) and its aim is to catch all the creatures available across the world. Released only in July by Nintendo and Niantic, the app has become one of the world’s top downloaded games and has now more users than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Main reason is, of course, the popularity of the old cartoon TV series but also the fact that the game is extremely easy to play. Everything you need to do is take your phone (with camera and GPS), download the app, create your character and go for a search. If you are lucky enough the first one is somewhere around you, you just haven’t noticed it before.

The prize

The organisers boast that the event is going to be not less extraordinary than the Oscars: there will be Pokémon to take a selfie with, a red carpet to take a star-like stroll and plenty of stars themselves. There will also be foodtrucks, a flight simulator, a 3D printer to print your own Pokemon and more! Visit the cup’s official fb page to get more details about the event.

Since the winner will be awarded free admission to one of the Warsaw Universities – Vistula University, the tournament is targeted mainly (but not only) at high school graduates. Two runners-up will be offered reduced tuition (50% and 25% off) for one semester of studies at the faculty they choose themselves (all of the courses are also available in English). This prestigious private academic school is one of the main organisers of the upcoming event. The idea comes, however, from the Mr Target agency.


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