Mirosław Skwarek, a cosmetic-jewellery entrepreneur from Gdynia, is a part of the team that came up with the idea of an electric, solar-propelled boat. Many people were sceptical about it but they persisted and today sailors from all over the world are buying the Solliners.

Recent most-wanted among sailors

Recent most-wanted among sailors

“We have been thinking about creating a boat that will use latest technologies and at the same time be environmentally friendly. The boat is easy to operate, so that not only qualified sailors but also regular folks can sail in it. It is also suitable for use on every reservoir, including the ones that belong to sailent zones in national parks and natural reserves. Apart from that, we wanted a boat that would not be limited in any way by a battery capacity,” so Skwarek.

How does it work?

According to deluxe.trojmiasto.pl Solliner is a small (6.2 metre long) solar-propelled boat. The drive charges during the day and it allows the boat to function for further eight night hours as well. In case of emergency (on a cloudy day) you can charge your boat using a regular socket. Thanks to the solar drive it boasts a zero noise and exhaust emission.

The boat has two energy sources: efficient marine valve-regulated lead-acid (more commonly known as sealed (SLA)) batteries and a photovoltaic cell (a solar panel) that supply the boat with energy up to 1,000 watts. Thanks to it the 2kW electric engine is ready to work for a whole (sunny) day.

Whose idea was that?

“The first one who came up with this idea was Bartosz Puchowski. He is an engineer, a designer and a constructor, and a technology-freak above all,” says Paweł Jacheć, the project manager. As a result, an ultra-modern solar boat was created. Thanks to light construction materials, effective energy management and a special shape of the hull, creating surprisingly lot of free space, it can be used both to recreational cruises and to racing. The roof is also fully adjustable.

The construction of Solliners takes place in Rumia and Gdańsk (Pomorskie Voivodship). Green Dream Boats, the owner company, has already sold 50 Solliners (to customers from Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Croatia and Montenegro) and there are further orders pending from Western Europe, Dubai, China and even Australia. One boat costs about 150,000 zloty net and the price varies according to which facilities and conveniences a client wants.

Cruises in Gdańsk

“Few of our boats are going be made available to tourists. They will cruise on Motława River (Gdańsk) and around the Bay of Puck and Chałupy (near Hel). Some of them are going to cruise in Wrocław and Kraków as well. We are extremely proud that so may people have noticed the potential that the Solliners have,“ says Mirosław Skwarek.

Fingers crossed for the ultimate green boat! 🙂


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