Some will remember this day as very sad, others will breathe a sigh of relief. Controversial, destroyed and set on fire many times, the rainbow disappeared from the Saviour square in Warsaw (Plac Zbawiciela). This morning, with the help of heavy equipment, workers removed it.

The controversial Warsaw rainbow

The controversial Warsaw rainbow

Preparations for the operation began on Wednesday around 10pm, and the workers started dismantling the rainbow after midnight.

Last weekend the citizens of Warsaw and tourists were able to symbolically say goodbye to the rainbow. There was an automatic camera on the square, and the pictures people took have been compiled into a commemorative album.

The rainbow installation of Julita Wójcik caused extreme emotions. Some thought it a symbol of tolerance, while in others it provoked acts of aggression. Still others considered it just plain ugly.

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There were several acts of arson, it even burnt to ground once. However, the rainbow was rebuilt every time. The greatest destruction occurred during the Independence March of November 11th 2013. Losses after the arson were estimated at 70 thousand złoty. Following the incidents the rainbow was put under constant camera surveillance.

As yet its future is unknown. Rumours say that the rainbow will be transferred to the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

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