The first socks for passive rehabilitation of flat feet will appear on the Polish market probably next year. Their inventor, Natalia Szczepańska, a high-school girl from Warsaw, is going to gather the money through the Internet to finish her research and start the production.

Fancy and comfortable way to deal with flat feet

Fancy and comfortable way to deal with flat feet

LogicSocks are socks made of Merino wool with a hole at the sole side of the sock. The difference of temperatures when walking induces a reaction of the muscles responsible for the right position of the foot.

This is the first product for passive rehabilitation of flat feet which doesn’t take up any time. All you need to do is wear these socks after you come back home – says the teenage inventor.

The idea of the sock appeared in Natalia’s head in October 2014. The socks were in the finals of a young scientists competition called E(x)plory, the pattern of the socks was registered in the UE and Natalia established a cooperation with “DynamoLab” – a Movement and Physical Endurance Laboratory at the Medical University of Łódź.

When walking, we feel cold only on a small, uncovered part of the foot. We experience some kind of tingling, which makes us raise the uncovered part of the foot. We roll up our toes, so that our body weight is then distributed over 3 points – explains Szczepańska.

According to Natalia, the socks may be used both by children and adults with flat feet. The latter very often suffer from this deformity due to obesity, lack of physical activity, irregular overloading of feet or simply aging. The socks may also bring relief to women who spend a lot of time wearing high heels.

Funds for the next research needed

We want to examine 33 children and observe changes of weight distribuition on their feet when standing and moving, as well as differences in muscle tension. We would also like to check what changes in the bone placement occur after 3 months of rehabilitation – states Szczepańska.

Finishing the studies is very expensive, though. That’s why the idea of gathering the money through the Internet came up. Crowdfunding is based on the assumption that the Internet users will get the product in exchange for their payment, even before the socks will appear in shops.

Natalia is already working on another invention called YogaSock, which will be used for flat feet rehabilitation but also for the improvement of blood circulation. The socks will moisturise the skin and ventilate the muscles strengthening them at the same time. The inventor, however, does not want to reveal the details.

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