Daily service to the public – that is how the police comment the video recorded by urban monitoring in Legnica (Lower Silesia). In the video we see a local officer stopping traffic to help an old lady cross the road. Lots of people believe it shows an admirable attitude, but there are also questions about the fine.

We have published the material not to brag, but to show that being a policeman first of all means service. Taking care of the citizens’ safety is our priority, according to the Lower Silesian Police website.

A dangerous spot to cross the street

The policemen are glad that they can finally be seen as people who help others, not who make everybody’s lives difficult.

It happened a few days ago, on January 14. In the video we see an old lady crossing a multilane road. She doesn’t use the pedestrian crossing and is walking very slowly. She stops in the middle of the road when she is noticed by a police car. The policeman turns on light signals, gets out of the car and helps the woman cross the street. Meanwhile other cars are waiting.

Luckily, no one got hurt, but if the woman crossed the street without the policeman’s help, it could have ended in a tragedy.

Internet users praise the nice officer:
Great guy!!! Hopefully there will be more policemen like him, BIG thanks for your attitude!
There are still people with the natural instinct of good heart, bravo!
Beautiful human gesture! ‘At a boy!

Who is the officer? Despite the comments, he does not intend to reveal his indentity. He does not want the publicity, he believes that he has done nothing extraordinary.

Some readers say that the pedestrian should have got a fine for crossing the road in a forbidden place. However, the police spokesman stresses that the officer acted according to the law and took care of the woman’s safety.

See the video here.

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