Approximately 150 people were blocking the road between Lviv and the Polish border crossing in Rawa Ruska on Wednesday. “Stop the genocide of Poles” – their banners said.

protesters on the road between Lviv and Rawa Ruska

The protesters

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) of the Lviv region, Viktor Andreytshuk, says that Russian special services are behind the events.

The Ukrainian police have determined that among the demonstrators who claimed to be representatives of the Polish minority in Poland, there were no Poles. However, during the blockade, which was organised in the village of Grzęda, banners with Polish texts appeared.

We know very well that behind these events are the Russian special services – announced at a press conference in Lviv Viktor Andreytshuk.

There were posters demanding the end of the genocide of Poles, but I did not see Poles there. I saw our “regulars”, known for use of narcotic drugs, and children, pupils from our Lviv schools – added police chief Valeriy Sereda.

The local police have determined that the participants of the blockade were hired, and its organisers paid them about 200 hryvnia (about 30zł or 7€) each for taking part in the “Polish protest”.

The banners and posters wore inscriptions such as: “Stop the genocide of Poles”, “Poles want peace”, “We do not have any conflict with you”, “Hands away from our monuments”, “This is our land”, “Volhynia in our hearts.”

The recordings of the action were published on a Facebook profile called Polish Lviv (Polskiy Lviv), which was set up a few hours before the blockade. The participants spoke Ukrainian and only one of them Polish.

The Lviv portal wrote that in one of the cars which the protesters were brought in, the police found an electric generator, a drone and firecrackers.

The provocation was to be professionally recorded for Russian TV stations – we read.

A similar incident took place on March 12, when a group of people wanted to block access to the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing Szeginie-Medyka. They intended to insist that the government of Warsaw should protect the rights of the Polish national minority in Ukraine, but then admitted that they were hired to do so.

The Ukrainian media do not exclude that the same forces are behind the protest on the Polish border as the ones that attacked the Polish consulate in Lutsk in the northwest of the country a couple of days ago. The facility was fired at from a grenade launcher, and hit just above the residential section where the consular staff were located. No one suffered in the incident.


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