Law and Justice (PiS) have presented their long-announced changes in education. The ruling party has many ideas, so there will be a lot of changes within the next couple of years.

Back to old-school school

Back to old-school school

The opposition does not like the proposals presented by the Minister of Education Anna Zalewska. They compare it to a “PRL” school, because the system reminds them of the communist education system.

PiS will get rid of the 3-year middle school – gimnazjum – and introduce an 8-year primary school (instead of 6), which they call a “general” school, and a 4- or 5-year secondary school (instead of 3 or 4), just like before 2000. The changes will come into force in 2017.

The general school will have a 4-year basic level with just one teacher for all subjects, and a 4-year “gimnazjum” level. Afterwards teenagers will have a choice between a 4-year “liceum” (general education), a 5-year technical school and a so-called 5-year business school, which is a new idea of PiS.

In 2019 both graduates from gimnazjum and general school will start secondary school. That means that secondary schools will have to deal with a high number of first year students.

Another change planned by PiS is a new curriculum. The Ministry, however, has not made it public yet. We also do not know what are PiS’s plans for all the gimnazjum buildings and teachers, as well as gimnazjum and secondary school final exams (they have already cancelled the primary school final exams).


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