A self-propelled howitzer parked in a club – that’s what people in Szubin (kujawsko-pomorskie voivodship) could see last Saturday night. According to the police, the howitzer drove into the building due to a technical failure.

How to spectacularly crash a party

How to spectacularly crash a party

The local disco-club Mono arranged a military show for that night and everything was going well until the howitzer ran suddenly out of control. The driver was showing off on a nearby track prepared especially for the party, turned towards the entrance and was supposed to stop just in front of the club. Unfortunately, it didn’t and the gigantic machine drove through the main door and only stopped at the front wall.

Technical malfunction

The first assumption was a gearbox malfunction, but a blocked breaking system is also being considered. These could be the reasons why the howitzer ran out of control and struck the club. It was driven by its owner. The club’s proprietor – a militaria freak – was also in. The police tested both men and they were sober.


Nobody was hurt and the construction wasn’t damaged in any way that couldn’t be fixed quickly. Only the front wall and the main door have to undergo some renovations, so Capt. Paweł Przybylski, the press officer of Powiatowa Komenda Straży Pożarnej (District Fire Department) in Nakło nad Notecią. The police confirmed that it was the 2S1 Gvozdika howitzer specifically and not a tank, as the onlookers claimed it was.

The machine was taken out on a trailer but no one wanted to go back partying, so the club’s owner cancelled the party altogether. He stresses, however, that his affection to military stuff stays unaffected: “It certainly wasn’t the last party with a military theme,” he reassures.

If you want to see how to hit a party with a howitzer, click this link (all credits to the owner).


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