Christmas time is upon us and the Christmas fever has started, giving con-men a chance to get money out of unsuspecting people who want to spend their Christmas and New Year in the scenic Tatra mountains.

A scenic view of the Tatra mountains

A scenic view of the Tatra mountains – wonderful place to spend your Christmas

One of these fraudsters is a certain Mr. Sebastian who, pretending to own a known Zakopane business, offers non-existent holiday cabins for rent as a last-minute bargain.

Those who wanted to rent accommodation for holidays or New Year’s Eve went in search of the last available rooms and cabins. Such people are the victims of con-men, including Mr. Sebastian, who pretends to be one of Zakopane companies. He has changed only one letter in the name of an actual existing company, and in his offer gives almost the same address. Logos and pictures have been taken from the internet.

I went to the site, I sent my details. Mr. Sebastian called back after a moment. It turned out that it was great, that I was calling because it was the last offer – reports Agata.

When it turns out that for relatively little money you can have a house with a magnificent view of the Tatra Mountains or the Baltic sea, some people no longer think rationally.

The man urged me to come personally and see the house beforehand. My vigilance was lulled a little – says Damian Czerwiec.

How to check if the company is real?

The fraudster, as can be heard on recordings of his conversations with potential customers, which were delivered to reporters of TVN, beautifully tells the story of what awaits the customers. He also offers a discount, but under certain conditions.

We give discounts for advance payments of the entire sum, because then we have everything covered – said Mr. Sebastian in one of the recorded conversations.

Ms. Zofia Kiełpińska of the City Council in Zakopane explains that in case of doubt whether a company exists, it can be checked on the town hall website or in a public register of entrepreneurs. Sometimes, however, checking the VAT number does not help, because in this case the fraudster uses a VAT number of an existing business. It is, therefore, advisable to also ask for the address, the name of the owner and other data.

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