Christmas time in Poland is an economic boom of part-time jobs. Most jobs are found in the service sector. There is a huge need for cashiers, shop attendants and PR managers. Nevertheless, playing the role of Santa Claus and his assistants can bring you the highest salaries. Where to find part-time jobs and how much can we earn?

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It’s a tough job being Santa but someone’s gotta do it

We can find jobs in shopping malls, shops or through part-time jobs agencies. Based on our experience, firstly Poles look for jobs through their friends. They turn to employers directly or search the Internet later – says Andrzej Kubisiak from the “Work Service” company in the TVN24 “Business for people” programme.

Last minute offers

We start Christmas recruitment between October and November. You can find the majority of offers after the 15th of November. Offers found today would be called “last minute” offers – states Kubisiak.

Further offers appear when it turns out that the companies didn’t foresee the huge number of deliveries or popularity of their service and they need some more hands to help them.

Santa Claus the Leader

Comparing the salaries, Santa Claus is the leader – admits Andrzej Kubisiak. In this case, the earnings can reach up to 33 złoty per hour or even higher. Having couple of years experience, the best Santa Claus actors can earn even more than 100 złoty per hour.

There are much lower salaries in trade. Cashiers and shop assistants can earn 10-12 złoty per hour. Those who sell christmas trees or carps earn from 16 to 20 złoty per hour.

You can also earn on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve season is also a great chance to earn some money. Additional job offers appear but they are from another sectors. New Year’s Eve parties and carnivals need mostly catering services.

Nethertheless, it’s not such big market as the one before Christmas – compares Kubisiak.

The pre-Christmas season definitely abounds in offers from servive and trade sector. What’s more, sectors connected with logistics, distrubition and stock-keeping are also very popular, which widens spectrum of potential employement.

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