Every third owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Poland works 50 hours a week, according to “Puls Biznesu” (Business Pulse).

Business owners spend their free time working.

Business owners spend their free time working.

During the time that goes beyond the statutory standards (40h/week) the SME sector produces 8.3 trillion dollars on a global scale – states a Sage report on the time devoted to activities carried out by owners of businesses employing up to 100 employees.

The survey which was carried out in November covered 11 countries. In Poland, business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs also work longer hours than people with full-time jobs. During the week, the statistical entrepreneur spends an average of 4 hours more committing to their business. This corresponds to 13 months of a regular job.

A lot of entrepreneurs spend even more time working – more than 30% business owners admit that their working week is longer than 50 hours.

Piotr Ciski, the managing director of the Polish branch of Sage, indicates that these figures relate to the time of work performed on the actual job, eg. at the office. The vast majority of entrepreneurs actually works and gets involved in their own activities outside their workplace, promoting their enterprise and dealing with business partners for instance.

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