High school graduates have been waiting in a queue to apply for physical therapy studies in Poznan since Saturday. Why? According to new enrolment regulations, people who submit their documents in person have priority over people sending their papers via post.

Graduating from a prestigious uni is a dream of many

Graduating from a prestigious uni is a dream of many

Although the enrolment has just started today, potential students have been camping in front of the faculty buildings and “keeping their spots” in this giant queue since Saturday. First people were noticed in the early morning on Saturday.

New regulations

Rector of the Poznan Academy of Physical Education and Sport (AWF) Jerzy Smorawiński has explained that the idea came from deans of several faculties, pointing out lack of candidates for particular courses.

He has also expressed his will to accept more students to the most popular courses. Such decisions will be made only after analysing all the submitted documents, because everyone’s papers will be accepted but not everyone will be admitted – Smorawiński has stressed.

Like we’re back to communist times

Comments on the subject are pretty obvious:

  • It’s a total disaster!
  • Like we’re back to communist times…
  • Completely ridiculous!

Polish media have compared the whole situation to communist period several times today. And not without a reason: people queuing for something so persistently remind people (especially the older generation) of Poles crowding in front of local shops to get virtually anything that was available on a particular day. It’s worth mentioning that very few products were sold on a regular basis those days, so people would not really buy what they needed but whatever was there to buy.

These young people have certainly not experienced such tough times but they can now know how their parents and grandparents felt waiting for something, not knowing if it would end with a purchase.

Mixed blessing

People queuing for studies in Poznan Academy obviously means the crowd wants to study there, i.e. the university must be a hit among high school graduates. Everything can therefore go in a way similar to that explained above: people will apply for whatever is available at Poznan Academy, not necessarily for courses they want, but mainly those with free spots, only to study at such a prestigious university.

On the other hand, however, the queue can suggest that Poznan AWF is not prepared for such numbers of students, plus many candidates are now probably resigning from applying after they’ve seen what is happening on the uni yard. This in turn might mean the Rector’s new plan will be a failure, with people choosing other universities over the overcrowded Poznan Academy.


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