An average Pole earns about £1,300 gross per month (almost 7,000 zloty) in Great Britain. What could be done then to encourage them to come back home? According to a report prepared by TVN24BiS, the emigrants say 5,000 zloty nett would be enough.

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Make a fast buck abroad or scrape a living at home?

A Polish average Joe in the UK earns £1,300 per month, which is definitely much more than they could earn in Poland, and a salary of 5,000 zloty, that seems to be enough for the migrants to come home, is still twice as much as an average person earns in Poland. An economist, Marek Zuber stresses that almost half of Poles are paid less than 2,500 gross in Poland.

Appetite comes with eating

It seems probable that many Poles will come back after Brexit becomes real but not many of them will get what they want from new jobs back home. Krzysztof Inglot of Work Service predicts that up to 400,000 Poles will have to come back because they simply won’t get a permit to live in the UK any longer.

IT workers are the only group that can definitely count on this 5,000 back here, he adds. Drivers operating on international routes can also expect high salaries and welders can demand even more, I guess.

Most of the migrants, however, will have to either accept the conditions offered by their new Polish employers, or change direction to Germany or France.

About 10 million employees will be in demand on the German job market till 2030, so I predict a raise in salaries, which may in turn encourage people to try their luck there, so Inglot.

So far, the most wanted migration direction was the UK, but after Brexit becomes real, it’s definitely going to change.

Polish job market

The Polish job market lacks about 300,000 employees, even with the 600,000 workers coming from the Ukraine, points out Inglot.

The situation resembles the one in the UK where Poles are conforming to jobs that Brits do not particularly want, and the Ukrainians seem to be doing the same here. The question remains: will the employers hire demanding “British” Poles if they have Ukrainians willing to conform?


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