Initially in several cities, later in the whole country. The Ministry of Digitalisation introduces mobile identification documents.

mobile phone

One click and you’re good to go

With a phone in hand you will be able to settle matters in your local town hall or municipality office. It will also be possible to drive a car without wondering where the documents are.

Starting May 11th, in Łódź, Ełk and Koszalin, tests of the so-called “mobile documents” or “mDocuments” will commence. All you will have to do is give the office employee your PESEL or phone number and you will receive a one-time code on your phone. The official will then type it into the system and verify it.

According to the Ministry plan, by the end of July we will be able to take care of our official business with a phone in hand in municipal offices throughout the country. This is not the end of the revolution.

We would like it that, by the end of the year, someone who wants to use the mDocuments can leave their house with car keys and a mobile phone in hand. In the case of a police roadside control, this should be enough – says Karol Manys of the Ministry of Digitalisation.

To put it simply, we would not have to carry our ID, driver’s licence, vehicle registration document or insurance when we drive.

In many families, spouses or partners use a car together, and there is always a problem with where the registration doc is. A mobile version of the document can solve this problem – adds Manys.

When the police stop us, it will be enough to give them your PESEL or phone number.

This is not just about comfort, but about money. Today, for lack of any document the driver gets a ticket.

Ultimately, we will not have to carry any documents. The phone will replace the student card or even a monthly ticket in future.

This is not a mandatory solution in any way. We want to give people the opportunity to use a solution that is complementary – explains Manys.

However, officials warn us. Without an ID only people who have created a trusted profile online (ePUAP) will be able to use their phones. There is one more trap. Your phone battery may go flat. Łódź officials ensure, however, that they have good relations with the applicants and will share a charger.


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