A special pursuit team from the Voivodship Police Station in Poznań is looking for a man, accused of a horrific murder in Wola, Warsaw. The Interpol has put a red note on him, which means that he’s a priority for policemen from 190 countries.

Kajetan Poznański's profile on the Interpol website

Kajetan Poznański’s profile on the Interpol website

The murderer of 30-year-old Katarzyna J., resident of Wola in Warsaw, is from Poznań. Kajetan Poznański was born and raised in Poznań. His mother is a prosecutor. However, last year she was delegated to work in Warsaw, in the General Prosecutions Office.

Kajetan Poznański wanted

The police from Poznań took over the case of the man accused of a horrific murder on Saturday when the Prosecutions Office published an arrest warrant for the 27-year-old. Now the investigators from the pursuits department (Zespół Poszukiwań Celowych) are trying to find him. It’s a special group at the Voivodship Police Station which handles particularly dangerous criminals. Its members are called the “headhunters”. They don’t lead their own investigations, their aim is to track a specific person. They search through the person’s contacts, they find old acquintances, monitor the internet, target the closest ones. They check every bit of information which may lead to the place of hiding. During the last 14 years the Special Group from Poznań has found over 500 criminals.

The policemen had to verify the first information on Sunday during a mass in the Dominican Order Church in Poznań.

We had a call from a person who saw a similar man nearby. The policemen arrived at the spot and checked the man’s ID but it wasn’t him – says Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman from the Wielkopolska Police.

He adds that there were more calls but all of them turned out to be false alarms.

Where is he hiding?

Kajetan Poznański’s image and data has been placed on the Interpol and Europol websites among the most wanted criminals. The police also announced yesterday the Interpol has put a “red note” on him. It means the highest priority of investigations and order for the policemen from 190 countries to track the man.

An arrest warrant was issued by the European Court on Monday. It was most probably based on the information that Kajetan Poznański bought a plane ticket to Italy. However, he did not use it because the flight date is a future one. Might he arrive there by other means of transport? Has he at all left the country? We don’t know that yet. It’s almost certain that he has left Warsaw. The policemen are intensively searching for him all over Poland.

The horrible murder took place one week ago in an apartment near Skierniewicka street in Wola district in Warsaw. According to the Procesutions Office, Kajetan Poznański murdered a 30-year-old woman, an Italian teacher, and dismembered her body. Then he put her body in a travelling bag and took it to his apartment near Potocka street in Żoliborz which he was renting with 2 other students. The murder was discovered by firefighters because the man set the apartment on fire.


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