After the burning of an effigy symbolising a Jew in Wrocław by Polish nationalists, the prosecutor’s office received several reports of offense, including one from the president of Wrocław himself. It seems Police have not taken any action.

Nationalists burning a Jew effigy

Nationalists burning a Jewish effigy

The scandalous event took place on Wednesday. Nearly 200 people were protesting at an anti-immigrant gathering by the National Radical Camp (Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny). They were shouting, among other things, “Not Islamic, not secular, but a Catholic Poland”, “Poland free from Islam”, “Ole, I f**k Islam”, “We do not need Islam, Muslim terrorists” “Islam out of Poland”.

Opinions on immigrants

Among the demonstrators was a professor of the University of Wrocław, head of the Department of Geopolitic Studies, Tadeusz Marczak. He is known for his publications in the “Nasz Dziennik” newspaper. At the Wrocław Market, Marczak alleged that 70 million Muslims are to be relocated to Europe.

If so, in one generation Europe will change its ethnic religious and civilization aspect, and we, the indigenous Europeans will live in reservations. We must defend ourselves. The first line of defense must be the fight against leftist subversion – he shouted.

Jarosław Bogusławski (who a year ago was a Solidarity candidate for mayor of Wrocław) said about the acceptance of refugees by Poland:

Someone’s watching over it! Someone gives money for it, to equip them with boats, weapons in Europe! Someone has financed ISIS, now finances the entire bovver in Europe. We need to know who.

Justyna Helcyk of the National Radical Camp (former European Parliament electoral candidate):

These murderers, these Islamists, these fundamentalists will not assimilate. They will sow terror, they will rape and kill. It is you, who have invited them here, who have on your hands the blood that flowed on the streets of Paris. It is you who have brought here the plague of Islam.

The police did not intervene

At the end of the demonstration one of the participants set fire to an effigy symbolising a Jew – with a skullcap, with glued-on sidelocks, with the flag of the European Union. The man who started the fire, Piotr Rybak, a former entrepreneur, is a participant of previous anti-immigrant demonstrations in Wrocław.

I will not be told by no German, Jew or American, that Islam is friendly towards Christianity – he yelled from a stage installed on a car.

Throughout the protest the police were present, watching the participants, ensuring safety and preventing order disturbance. However, they did not intervene.

The police recorded the entire protest of the nationalists, and the material was the delivered to the prosecutor’s office. Yesterday, a couple of reports were filed, from an MP and director of the Polish Theatre Krzysztof Mieszkowski, representatives of the Razem party and the president of Wrocław Rafał Dutkiewicz.

The president is indignant:

All materials are in the prosecutor’s office, according to them it is clear that there has been a law infringement. In my letter (to the prosecutor), I made a fervent plea to investigators that they pay particular attention to the incident involving the burning of an effigy. I hope that the consequences will be drawn as soon as possible and there will be no indulgence.

“We feel threatened”

The chairman of the Jewish Community in Wrocław Alexander Gleichgewicht asked the commander of the city police for an emergency meeting in connection with Wednesday’s incidents.

There has been an obvious violation of law and I would like to know what at that point the police did. We have a situation where acquiescence and tolerance are shown to the enemies of tolerance, and it cannot be accepted. Wrocław will be the European Capital of Culture next year. It comes to a situation where foreigners are warned before a march on November 11, where in the city centre illegal slogans are proclaimed and an effigy burnt. As a Pole of Jewish descent and as a representative of a religious community I can say that we feel threatened because of the police’s inaction.


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