A project concerning medical usage of marihuana, prepared by parliament deputy Piotr “Liroy” Marzec (from the Kukiz’15 party) is to give doctors the opportunity to use nonregistered cannabis preparations in a legal and controlled way for patients who cannot be cured by using conventional pharmacotherapy.

Medical marihuana might help many patients

Medical marihuana might help many patients

A patient would be allowed to plant cannabis and make preparations for the needs of therapy – this is the concept of the medical marihuana project, prepared by deputy Piotr Marzec. Gaining a special permission will be necessary, though.

Opportunity of marihuana usage without it being on the market

Authors of the project point out that the possibility of marihuana registration as a medicine is restricted because of difficulties in demonstrating its usefulness in certain cases and restricted standardisation opportunities.

According to the new amendment, every form of marihuana may be still registered as a medicine after specific clinical investigations, in line with the pharmaceutic law. At the same time, the project’s authors want to introduce the opportunity of using marihuana without placing it on the market.

Not resigining from the assumption that nonmedical marihuana usage may lead to addiction and generate pathological behaviours and negative social effects, the project suggests a compromise: formally, marihuana is placed on the controlled substances list and medical aspects of illegal forms of marihuana usage stay under government control – we read in the justification.

Under the control of the state

The project provides for creating a national, monitoring system of illegal forms of cannabis, used for medical reasons, which will be handling the central registration of people conducting therapy with illegal forms and preparations of cannabis usage.

A condition for a person to be allowed to conduct therapy with the usage of cannabis will be to report it to a doctor or medical clinic to the registry, run by the ministry of health. There will be doctor’s personal information and number of patiens in the database. Doctors will be also obliged to report information about possible side effects.

Reporting about conducting the therapy and data actualisation in the registry will be paid, the sum will be determined by the minister of health after a consult with finance department.

No changes in the punishment acts of law

Cannabis plantation and gathering the herb and cannabis’ resin for other needs than therapeutic, will be allowed after gaining a permission from a voivodship pharmaceutic inspector. This permission may be gained by individuals (patients or their legal guardians), foundations, social organisations and scientific units. The area of a plot of land should not cross 120 therapy participants’ needs (for 120 days of curation). Obtaining the permit will also be payable.

The project is to provide patients the possibility to gain provision according to the medical knowledge, especially – making a patient and doctor independent from the medicine market and from decisions made behind patient and doctor’s back – we read in the project’s justification.

The project does not include change in the punishment acts of law. The novelisation project about actions against drug addiction was placed in parliament by the deputy from the party Kukiz’15 at the beginning of February. Majority of legal articles are supposed to enter into force 3 months after the announcement.


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