They are so different but they have learnt to live together. Four kittens have lost their mother and quite unexpectedly found shelter under a caring eye of a hen. They play, sleep and run across the lawn together. This extraordinary story takes place in eastern Poland, in a small town called Łopiennik Dolny-Kolonia.

It is quite an extraordinary family, but it seems to be working

It is quite an extraordinary family, but it seems to be working

This kind of situation does not happen very often. The kittens were born 6 weeks ago and soon after their mother went missing. She was probably attacked by a fox which was often seen hunting in the neighbourhood. The owners took care of the kittens which were put in one room with the hen and spring chickens. That is how this unusual history started.

They cuddled up together

Little kittens really needed a mother. At first the hen wasn’t very friendly, she tried to scare the kittens away by pecking them. After some time the hen got used to her new babies and wasn’t scared of them any more.

Finally, the kittens recognised the hen as their mother. They now spend a lot of time together – hen, cats and spring chickens. Just like a real family. This hen has experience with cats, she used to sleep in one room with the kittens’ mother. The cat has never attacked her, maybe that’s why she is so trusting, – says the owner of the animals.


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