What a joke!

Please arrest me before it gets any colder

Yesterday police in Kraków received information about a bomb planted at a bus station. This, of course, was only a hoax. What was the reason? The perpetrator wanted to spend the winter in custody. Now, he’s facing up to 8 years in prison.

Before 11.00 yesterday police officers received an anonymous call that there is a bomb at the bus station building in Bosacka street in Kraków. The officers quickly established the caller’s phone number, it was a telephone booth in Sławkowska street. When they went to inspect the booth, they found a 34-year-old man who pleaded guilty of having raised the alarm.

Because it was cold

Why did the 34-year-old decide to make such a hoax? He does not have a permanent address, and because of the severe weather he decided it would be better to spend the winter in custody – explains Elżbieta Znachowska team of the press department of the Małopolska police.

She added that the 34-year-old is well known to Kraków officers because of similar pranks – he has reported planted explosives several times already.

Pyrotechnicians in action

Because of his Tuesday joke 250 passengers were led out of the station building. A special group of sappers and a bomb squad had to search the entire area, and did not find anything suspicious, of course.

For the false report to the police about explosives planted at the station the 34-year-old man is now facing up to eight years in prison. He will stay warm for longer than he had planned.

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