He spent the last few nights on the balcony, getting used to cold weather. It will be very useful, because Michał Kiełbasiński from Łódź wants to enter Yukon sled dog race – but without dogs.

They will probably outrun me, but I plan to follow their track. I will be a human dog sled, says Michał.

The harsh weather conditions make it difficult to complete the race even with dogs

The race takes place every February between Fairbanks, Alaska, and Whitehorse, Yukon. Because of the harsh winter conditions, difficult trail and the limited support that competitors are allowed, it is considered the most difficult sled dog race in the world.

It’s one thousand miles through the frozen, almost uninhabited tracts of North America. The best dog sleds need about ten days to finish the race. Michał gives himself more time.

It will be a great success if I manage to finish it in 20 days. But I will be glad as well if I finish it within a month, says Michał.

The ultramarathoner will be pulling a sled with luggage and a sleeping bag in which he is going to spend the nights.

Michał is temporarily sleeping on the balcony testing the equipment that will be used during the race.

Particularly, I wanted to check the sleeping bag, which will be used at -40°C. There will be days when I don’t meet another human, I will be completely on my own. In case of emergency, I’m going to use a satellite phone, he says.

Two years ago such a phone saved his life. The athlete participated in Yukon Arctic Ultra ultramarathon (it was a route for people, not dog sleds).

He got his hand frostbitten and was rescued by a helicopter. Luckily, the accident didn’t leave any permanent damage.

This year he has an additional motivation.

The aim of this expedition is to draw attention to the problem of homeless dogs. The foundation that supports me will collect money for this cause.


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