Minister for health Professor Marian Zembala has returned with great news from a meeting with the European Commission in Brussels. The commission has agreed to a 12 billion złoty payment for Polish healthcare services.

image happy doctors jumping for joy

12 billion zloty.. hurra!

This is equivalent to a massive 20 percent of the present Polish healthcare budget.

It’s sorely needed. Poland came in 32nd place out of 37 in the Euro Health Consumer Index Survey 2014, ranking on enforcement of patients’ rights, access to new medication and infant mortality.

The fund injection is earmarked for modernisation and increasing efficiency, preventative health, education of doctors and nurses, and to some degree hospital upgrades and expansion, according to Zembala.

Polish medicine is becoming better medicine.
– Professor Marian Zembala

The Polish ministry of health has produced a 7-year roadmap document outlining action plan, measures and tools to be used.

The professor adds that with increasing quality of service, even in the face of terrible ratings, patients should feel more secure, repeating his “medicine getting better” message.

Zembala wanted to point out that the success was a collaborative effort involving several other government departments.

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