Polish Health Minister Konstanty Radziwiłł plans to promote good health practices in TV programmes. In his opinion, the popular protagonists of TV series can effectively teach both children and adults how to take care of their teeth.

All Polish children will have perfect teeth

All Polish children will have perfect teeth

The Minister was a guest at the opening of the FDI 2016 World Dental Congress in Poznań, an event involving approximately 10 thousand people from almost 120 countries.

Poles’ teeth, including children’s, are not well. This is a problem growing over the years, and to solve it is a huge and time-consuming task. All the experts advise to start with children’s health, with the promotion of appropriate behaviours. It’s about the simplest things, such as learning to brush your teeth everyday, proper nutrition, avoiding sweets. It is necessary to educate both children and adults, and we undertake many activities in this area. We plan a promotional action mainly through public media – says the Minister.

TV can convince people to change their behaviour

A letter of intent was signed a couple weeks ago with the Polish Television (TVP). The plan is not only to launch specific programmes on health, but also to place health-related content in, for example, popular TV series.

TV series are used by various companies which want to sell their products – says the Minister.

He adds that such campaings were successful in other countries, and there’s almost no tooth decay anymore. The Health Ministry will provide the Polish TV with appropriate information which the TV will be able to use in any way they will see fit.

Dentists for children

Konstanty Radziwiłł informs that the Ministry is working on solutions which will make children and their parents visit dentists more frequently.

There are several ideas, one of them is the idea of ​​establishing a first contact dentist, who would be something of a family doctor – but it is still only one of the projects – he says.

The Ministry would also like to promote dental practices at schools. However, the most important thing is that all children have access to dental care, whether it is at school or outside of it.

The 2016 FDI World Dental Congress in Poznań lasts until 10th September. The event is organised, among others, by the FDI World Dental Federation and the Polish Dental Association.

According to the organisers, it is the most prestigious event in the history of Polish dentistry.


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