More than 43.4 million złoty has been raised this year by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) for pediatrics and seniors. The 24th final was held on Sunday under the slogan “We aim high!”, and at about 8pm there were fireworks – “lights to heaven” all over the country.

Jurek Owsiak and WOŚP charity

Jurek Owsiak has done it again!

After midnight there was 43 million 463 thousand 968 zł in the account of WOŚP. The final result, however, will be announced in a few weeks; it is usually given at the beginning of March.

Traditionally, on the day of the final, before midnight, an auction takes place, during which golden limited edition telephone cards are sold and gold hearts made of donated gold. This year, the most expensive gold heart was sold for 670 thousand zł, a golden phone card for 165 thousand zł.

The collected money will be used to purchase medical equipment for pediatric units and to provide decent health care to seniors.

Jurek Owsiak: “Thank you to all those who are with us”

On Sunday evening, the head of WOŚP Jurek Owsiak thanked everyone involved in the final, inter alia, uniformed services, mayors of the cities where concerts took place and all the performing artists. “I thank all those who are with us” – he said.

At 8pm there were firework shows – “lights to heaven”, which are always the highlight of the final events. In Warsaw, the main attraction was a concert in front of the Palace of Culture and Science.

Although the 24th final is already over, WOŚP may still be supported for another couple of weeks through online auctions. Among 25.5 thousand auctions the ones with the highest bids so far are: joint training with the Polish national football team players (over 55,000 zł) and a trip to the show of Anthony Vaccarello donated by the model Anja Rubik (over 23,000 zł). There are also items donated by the Polish presidents. The set of skis offered by President Andrzej Duda reached the price of over 13 thousand złoty last night.

120 thousand volunteers

Over 1.6 thousand staff teams from Poland and abroad participated in the charity, and 120 thousand volunteers were collecting money on the streets (even with card terminals).

The police have reported a dozen crimes and offenses related to the fund-raising, most of them concerned with thefts of collection cans at retail stores. They also warned that young people should avoid less frequented places after dark and appealed to parents to supervise the children who participated in the fund-raising.

Last year, on the day of the 23rd final before midnight WOŚP declared the raised amount of over 36.2 million zł, but the final result was more than 53.1 million zł. This year we might expect another record.


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