The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) has been officially nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The deadline to propose candidates expired on 31 January, and the organisation has informed that they were nominated by prof. Adam Grzegorczyk, rector of one of Warsaw universities.

The well known logo of WOŚP

It is an immense honour and great pride for us. We are also very grateful. This nomination, in our opinion, honours the 25 years of commitment of millions of people to the idea of ​​WOŚP – organisers, staff, volunteers and donors – we read on the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity website.

The organisation has published the information on its website that the nomination was the idea of prof. Adam Grzegorczyk, rector of the Warsaw School of Promotion. Previously, MP of the Nowoczesna party Joanna Schmidt proposed nominating the organisation and its leader Jerzy Owsiak.

In accordance with the procedures of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, candidates may be nominated by, among others, Nobel Prize winners, members of governments, parliamentarians, university rectors and the International Court of Justice.

25 years of WOŚP

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity enjoys the greatest public confidence as an NGO in Poland.

It was founded in 1993 and since then, every year in early January, organises a huge fundraiser, which is called the Great Finale. The main initiator and executor of the annual WOŚP Finale is Jerzy Owsiak.

For the collected funds WOŚP buys and donates the most modern medical equipment to children’s hospitals in Poland.

Today the equipment purchased by the Orchestra of Christmas Charity is the basis of modern equipment of all hospitals which treat children in Poland. Within 24 years, the Foundation has collected and allocated more than 720 million zloty to support hospitals.

If WOŚP receives the Nobel Prize, it will be the second Nobel Peace Prize for Poles after Lech Wałęsa in 1983, the eighth in all categories, and the nineteenth for Polish born persons.


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