Law and Justice (PiS) intends to establish a National Entrepreneur Day, according to Rzeczpospolita newspaper site. It will be celebrated on June 21, which is often the day of the astronomical beginning of summer.


June 21st – all business people celebrate

In Poland there are over 40 public holidays which are working days. There are holidays of such professional groups as firefighters, police officers and BOR officers (Bureau of Government Security). Additionally, there are also special days established in order to draw attention to some burning social problems, for example: Foster Care Day or Alcohol-free Day. Soon entrepreneurs will have their own holiday to celebrate. The project in this regard will be considered by the Polish Parliament.

Unfortunately, the negative entrepreneur image grounded in Polish mentality by the communist propaganda is still present – says PiS MP Adam Abramowicz – Meanwhile, entrepreneurship is very important for Poland, and entrepreneurs are people who more often feel responsible for their country.

The MP will be in charge of the resolution on the establishment of the National Entrepreneur Day in Parliament. He admits, however, that the authors of the idea are persons from the Polish Chamber of Commerce. A team was even created seeking to establish the new holiday.

We’ve been fighting for this day since 2013. Unfortunately, in the last Parliament term our efforts had little success – says Józef Bereżewski of Łódź Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He adds that entrepreneurs already unofficially celebrated their holiday last year. They organised a National Charity Entrepreneur Rally called ‘Always together’. A similar event is to be held also this year, after the establishment of the holiday by the Parliament. Business people have chosen the first day of summer, because they associate June with political and commercial freedom won that month in 1989.

Why PiS decided to support entrepreneurs in the struggle for their holiday? Deputy Abramowicz says that his party promotes economic patriotism.

Katarzyna Lubnauer of Nowoczesna, however, calls it a “publicity stunt”.

Let the members of this party do something serious for entrepreneurs, rather than establish another holiday. If you reduce taxes and simplify procedures related to business activity, it will be the best day for entrepreneurs – she comments.


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