Tonight another draw of receipts in the lottery organised by the Polish Ministry of Finance will take place. Six Lenovo ThinkPad and five iPads Air 2 await the winners.

National Receipt Lottery

Gather your receipts and register them online

Fiscal receipts issued in November and registered in the lottery in the same month will be drawn tonight. The prizes in the lottery are exempt from income tax.

Fiscal receipts registered in the lottery, must be kept minimum 7 days from the draw date (the ones from the premium industry – currently hairdressing and cosmetics – should be kept until 18.01.2016), in which they are involved. To receive your prize you need to keep you receipt and transfer it to the lottery organiser.

In the November draw Adam from Lębork, Pomorskie, won an Opel Astra, and a week ago another lucky person won the second Opel car.

The more the better

Lottery rules are simple: you just have to be 18 years old, buy goods or services for a minimum of 10zł, register the receipt in the month of purchase on the lottery website and wait for the draw results.

The Ministry indicates that one’s chances of winning depend on two factors: firstly, the total number of all registered receipts, secondly, the number of registered receipts by the person concerned. It is worth remembering that the more receipts a person registers, the greater their chance of winning.

The National Receipt Lottery will last until the end of September 2016. Therefore, according to the Ministry, it is worth to register your receipts all the time and give yourself a chance to win great prizes. The participation in the lottery is free – you just need a receipt from your everyday shopping for just 10zł.

The National Receipt Lottery is an educational campaign of the Polish Ministry of Finance, the aim of which is to show Poles how important their role in shaping fair economic relations is. By taking a receipt for your purchase you promote fair business and fair competition between entrepreneurs. During the first month of the lottery Poles have registered nearly 17 million receipts, of which almost 375 thousand were receipts from the hairdressing and cosmetics business, which is the first out of four premium branches in the lottery that can get you a brand new Opel Insignia.

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