Polish egg producers do whatever they can to get customers. The Competition and Consumer Protection Office has uncovered their ruses.


It’s always better to get free range eggs

Eggs without GMOs, antibiotics, artificial colouring – every day we can come across such information on eggs packaging. According to the C&CPO, this is misleading.

The descriptions on the eggs packagings were studied by the controllers of the C&CPO. They have checked labels on more than 250 batches of eggs in Poland.

Every third batch checked during the inspection had various irregularities – says Dariusz Łomowski of the C&CPO.

The inspectors have found, among others, information indicating the absence of GMOs, artificial colours, or that the eggs are free of antibiotics. It sounds good, but, as the Office inspectors say, it is the same as saying that milk is white.

It makes the consumer say that “Oh, that means the other eggs may contain some artificial dyes.” There is no such thing. Just as there is no GMO or non-GMO egg, with antibiotics or without antibiotics – says Łomowski.

Consumers believe what they read, but do not always know what it means.

Manufacturers seem well aware of the fact that we consumers, first, are not able to verify them, secondly, we are not fully aware what these inscriptions mean – says Dr. Aleksandra Drzał-Sierocka, Food Studies, University of Social Psychology.

The ingenuity of manufacturers knows no bounds. One of them put a picture of a meadow on the package, which may suggest that the eggs come from free range hens, while they were caged.

The inspectors have also checked eggs, which you can buy in bazaars. Most of them had wrong information or did not have any at all. Only farmers owning less than 50 hens do not need to mark their eggs.

For improper or no marking the producer may pay a fine of 500 zł up to 10% of their revenue.


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