At Ukiel lake in Olsztyn the ice broke under a car. The BMW, with the driver inside, went down. The 25-year-old managed to get out on his own, but the car needed to be pulled out by the police and fire department.

It was not the best way to test a new car

The incident took place on Friday, January 20 at 10 pm. The young man was driving his car on the frozen lake. At some point, the ice broke and the car fell into the water. Fortunately, the driver managed to get out.

Police officers and firefighters pulled the sunken BMW from the bottom of the lake. The car sank 20 metres from the shore where the lake is 3 metres deep. The driver will answer at court for his reckless behaviour.

A man from Kamionki (near Poznań) had a similar “adventure” earlier this month. He drove onto a frozen river, because he wanted to test his newly purchased BMW. After only a few minutes the ice turned out to be thinner than expected.

Soon after, the police received information about a car half-sunken in the Głuszynka river. Its front part was under water, the rear protruded above the surface of the water.

There was no one there. The car had its front door and trunk opened, the number plate was gone. However, the hologram on the windshield was visible, which allowed the police to find the owner, said Patrycja Banaszak from Poznań police department.

The officers were sent to the person to whom the car was registered, but it turned out that the man sold the BMW the day before.

They went to Kamionki once again. This time, they came across a group of men who tried to pull the car out of the water.

One of them was the new owner. He admitted that the day before he was driving on the frozen river, says Banaszak.

The owner had to pay for the car to be pulled out of the water. He told the officers that he would take it to the scrap yard. He was fined for careless driving, but did not receive any penalty points because the incident didn’t take place on a public road.


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