Warsaw police have detained 48-year-old Cezary P., who was distributing cocaine among businessmen and celebrities. In the last two years alone he earned about a million dollars. Now, he will spend three months in custody and will be tried for drug dealing.

Polish police arresting a drug dealer

Footage of the arrest

Cezary P. was caught when he was selling cocaine to one of his regular customers. He was arrested by the Police Central Bureau of Investigation on the Hoża street a week ago. But they have announced and posted the video of the arrest today.

His wife and daughter were involved

Along with the dealer four other people involved in the business were detained. Police officers found about 90 grams of cocaine. Also 30 thousand złoty from drug trafficking. As determined by the police officers, individual customers would spend even a dozen thousand złoty a month on cocaine, paying up to 500 zł for one serving.

From the information the police obtained follows that Cezary P. engaged his wife and daughter in the criminal activities.

The dealer, having regular customers among the wealthy residents of Warsaw, has become considerably wealthy. With this operation he’s earned about a million złoty in the last two years, which he invested in real estate, as well as launched a restaurant in the centre of Warsaw – says Agnieszka Hamelusz, the Bureau spokeswoman.

Cezary P’s fortune, which is worth nearly 700 thousand zł, will be assigned to covering of any future fees.

The Bureau together with prosecutors have gathered evidence that allows them to present Cezary P. with charges of dealing close to 4 kg of cocaine. The court decided that Cezary P. will remain in custody for three months. The rest of the arrested persons will be supervised.


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