5-year-old Jurek Halski had a brain tumour. He is still struggling with some effects of the illness. His biggest dream came true – he met his football idol Robert Lewandowski, the captain of the Polish national team.

The boy's biggest dream was to meet Robert Lewandowski

The boy’s biggest dream was to meet Robert Lewandowski

Jurek was only a few months old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The tumour was the size of an orange. The parents and doctors were persistently fighting for his life but it was almost certain that the boy would have died in a few months. He had to have most of his brain removed. After the surgery he was put in a hospice. He once told his dad that only one child had got out of there, only because of a wrong diagnosis.

But against all odds, the boy is gradually getting better. He managed to beat the cancer. At the age of five he is able to walk, read and write.

Jurek has always dreamed about meeting his biggest idol, Robert Lewandowski. Finally, his dream came true.

We met the most famous Polish footballer. He spent some time with us, asked a lot about Jurek’s health. Robert is a professional football player, my son is a professional survivor. They both have to train a lot, says Maria, the boy’s mother.

They took many photos together, Jurek got a Polish national team t-shirt with his idol’s autograph. It was one of the happiest moments in the little boy’s life. Meeting his idol will definitely encourage him to keep fighting.


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