A police officer, his girlfriend and a friend risk 12 years in prison for burglary. Last Thursday they broke into a house and beat up the owner.

What do they teach at the police academies?

They were counting on a great loot. They first watched the house for several days, then broke in using a crowbar, beat and bound the owner, whom they met inside. One of the perpetrators is a police officer in active service.

Suspects made notes when family members would leave the house. They tried to choose the most opportune time to execute the crime – says Krzysztof Kopania from the Łódź prosecutor’s office.

Last Thursday, as the investigators managed to establish, the young policeman and his friend, dressed in black, equipped with face masks, gas, duct tape and a crowbar, came to the house of their mutual acquaintance’s parents. The 27-year-old girlfriend of the police officer was supposed to be their driver.

The owner of the house was watching TV. He felt safe, because the doors were locked.

I heard something strange. I went out into the hall, there were two tall men in balaclavas. They looked like some bodyguards – says the victim of the burglary – They knocked me over, then they began to kick me. They struck me with a hard object. They were shouting “where is the money?!” I said that I did not have any.

400 zloty and a mobile phone – that’s all they found.

Police officers from Łódź have arrested the 29-year-old policeman. The man pleads not guilty, and so does his girlfriend. The third of the perpetrators has testified.

They face up to 12 years in prison for robbery. They have been placed in jail for two months for now – says Krzyszof Kopania.


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