The average Polish family will spend 1282 złoty on Christmas holidays this year, about 11% more than a year ago. According to a survey by Deloitte, the British, the Dutch and the French plan to spend more. The most popular gifts for Poles are books, money, and cosmetics.

Gifts, food and decorations - the spending season is upon us.

11% more pressies please!

1282 złoty will be spent on gifts, food and family meetings. That’s about 11% more than the respondents declared a year ago. The survey shows that women are more economical than men, they plan to spend 1184 zł, while men – an average of 1383 zł. Considering the age of those surveyed, people aged 35-44 intend to spend the most on the upcoming holidays (1523 zł), and the least – young people aged 18-24 years (968 zł).

43% of Polish respondents plans to better manage their Christmas expenses to a greater extent than during last year’s Christmas, by planning their budget earlier. Almost as many Poles (42%) intend to make greater use of their savings accumulated throughout the year. In turn, 34% of Poles, almost twice as many as in the other countries surveyed, intend to make less impulse purchases.

The nature of purchased gifts is also a factor – 27% of Polish consumers plan to buy more practical gifts than last year. In 2015, the price has become an important factor taken into account by Poles when planning their holiday shopping: 23% of consumers plan to choose less expensive gifts and go shopping at cheaper stores, and 35% to look for gifts on sales. 38% of consumers want to use loyalty points, and 36% – vouchers and gift cards.

Books for Christmas

In Poland, the most desirable gift is a book, cash is next, and then cosmetics and perfumes. In contrast, in most of the European countries the best gift is cash.

Poles usually buy gifts at shopping malls and food – as the only ones among the surveyed European respondents – in discount supermarkets. There is a growing importance of the Internet – from year to year more and more people declare that they will do their Christmas shopping online. More than 90% use price comparison sites for this purpose. 55% respondents also admit that sometimes they verify the product at a traditional shop, only to buy it online later.

As many as 43% Poles will purchase their gifts between 1st and 15th December.

Optimistic view on financial situation

Respondents were also asked to assess their financial situation. Almost a quarter of Poles believe it to be better than last year. According to 41% of respondents the situation has not changed, and, according to 36%, it has deteriorated. In the assessment of their future financial possibilities Poles are more optimistic – 22% believe that in 2016 they will have more money than at present, and 32% claim that their financial situation will not have changed.

As demonstrated by historical results of the study, the initial optimism of Poles does not translate into reality. In 2014, only 17% of consumers declared that in 2015 their financial situation would worsen, meanwhile, it has deteriorated in the opinion of 36% of them.

The survey was conducted online on a sample of 14 thousand respondents from 13 European countries, including Poland.

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