Polish people are the European leaders in reading paid news online. For access to selected articles and subscription sites with the latest information they pay more often than the British, Spaniards, Germans or Austrians – according to the Digital News Report published by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

84% Polish read news online

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Last year 17% of Poles paid for accessing news portals online, and 7% of them had a subscription. Compared to the UK (6%), Germany (7%), the Netherlands (10%) or Austria (5%) it’s a high number. The most popular digital-born news portals are Onet, Wirtualna Polska and Interia (all three in Polish).

The Reuters report is the first to include Poland. It examines the behaviours of more than 30 thousand users in 18 countries.

In Poland, the most important source of information is still the tv, however, 84% of the surveyed admitted they used online news as well. Poles prefer to read their digital news on a laptop or desktop rather than a smartphone or tablet.

Poles also like to use social networks for finding, reading, watching, sharing or discussing news. Facebook is the most popular, followed by YouTube, Google+ and Twitter.

According to the Reuters report, monetising news is a huge challenge for publishers, because readers are usually unwilling to pay for reading online content. However, “new Polish (…) models may offer a way forward.”

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