A recent study shows that most Poles are glad that the World Youth Day is organised in Poland this year. They seem to be aware that such an enormous gathering of Christians can be held at ISIS’s gunpoint but they trust in the security measures undertaken in the country as a whole.


Final touches being added to the WYD field church

Final touches being added to the WYD field church

According to a recent CBOS (Centre of Public Opinion Research) survey, 88% of Poles think the World Youth Day is an event that promotes Poland in the world and means prestige for both the country and the host city – Kraków (84%). Simultaneously, many people (69%) consider such a huge international event an opportunity for a terrorist attack, and it’s worth mentioning that the survey was conducted before the drama of Nice. A bit more than a half of the questioned (55%), however, think the police and other services are properly prepared to secure the place and protect the people.

Polish people are divided when it comes to the World Youth Day being a logistic problem for the city and its inhabitants. They probably worry about traffic: jammed streets and foreigners wandering everywhere trying to get somewhere on time. Generally they think that the festivities are worth the money invested and all the preparations were carried out appropriately.

Surprisingly, the people are quite unsure whether the upcoming events will somehow affect their faith or not. For many of them this week will be just as normal as usual – they know what is happening but their faith is either strong enough already or they don’t really care about growing their faith anyway.


The data presented above comes from the survey Aktualne problemy i wydarzenia conducted between June, 30th and July, 7th 2016.


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