You don’t have to look at the information board at the train station for the hundredth time and wonder where is the train that was supposed to arrive long time ago. Polish State Railway PKP now provides a train tracker map that shows the exact position of all the trains, along with the possible delay and expected obstructions on their routes.

Map will definitely help the passengers plan their trip further

Map will definitely help the passengers plan their trip further

The map is available at Portal Pasażera. The service is fairly easy to use – you just need to select the region you would like to see the trains travelling across and that is it.

Life traffic coverage

If you spend some time on watching the contents of the map closely for a few minutes, you will notice that the trains are virtually moving. All the data is presented live and the changes appear on the map almost instantly.

Each train is marked with coloured ring around it: green one means that everything is going according to schedule and the train will arrive at the next station on time. If the train is marked in yellow or red, there must have been some problems on route. Just click on the train you would like to check and detailed information about it will appear, including the estimated delay time.

If you double-click on a chosen train, its full route, including all the stops will appear. Expected time of its arrival and departure – updated if there was a delay – is also provided for each of the marked stations. You can also check the platform to which passengers should go to get on a particular train – an option especially useful for people arriving at the station at the very last minute.

Optionally, you can select notifications about any traffic problems (for example: if you will need to use other form of transportation because of an accident) and about the weather.


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