Polish Polenergia group – known for its wind farms across the country – is going to build Poland’s first offshore wind farm about 23 km north of the Poland’s coastal municipality of Łeba, pomorskie.

It's going to be huge!

It’s going to be huge!

Polenergia plans to erect 120 turbines boasting a total capacity of 1,200 MW. The whole project was named Bałtyk Środkowy III (Mid-Baltic III) and the beginning of the construction is planned for 2020. According to the information provided by Polenergia on their website, turbines will be up to 275 metres high and the rotors up to 200 metres long. Turbines will have to then be placed at least 1.2 km apart.

The investor has to fulfil a number of conditions first, as was decided by the regional environmental protection authorities in Gdańsk. The most important thing is the safety – Polenergia has to minimise the possible impact of the farm construction, operation and its decommissioning, including monitoring of fish, mussels, marine mammals, birds and bats in the closest vicinity and the surrounding area.

Polenergia has already got permission to build artificial islands and to connect them with the national electric power transmission system. You will find further information about the project on Polenergia’s website.

Environmentally- and human-friendly

Advantages of gaining energy from the wind, as opposed to coal, were stressed several times during the talks. Apart from causing definitely less harm to the environment, the wind farms are also more efficient and stable. An additional pro is that locals usually do not have anything against erecting one in their closest vicinity.

Another bright side of the project are the opening jobs for people from the shipbuilding and harbour industry – they will have some great work to do with laying foundations for the farm and building turbine towers.

Bałtyk Środkowy III will be Poland’s first offshore wind farm, but it’s not the first wind farm opened by Polenergia. The company boasts seven land farms located across the country and plans further investments, both domestic and foreign.


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