Health Centre from Pleszewo was placed first in this year’s “Hospitals ranking”. The centre scored 917 points out of 1000. The Voivodship Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska was placed on the second position of the “Golden Hundred”. The Autonomous Public Voivodship Hospital named after John Paul II in Zamość, which gained 902 points, was the third one on the podium.

For the best health care go to Pleszewo, Wielkopolskie

For the best health care go to Pleszewo, Wielkopolskie

The “Hospitals ranking” has been published every year for 12 years. Its aim is to appoint the most thriving health care facilities in Poland. The authorities of a hospital which wants to compete apply through a special website. After sending the application, the hospital is given a questionnaire about the finances, investments and health care from the previous year to be filled out and sent to the Health Care Quality Monitoring Centre (Centrum Monitorowania Jakości Ochrony Zdrowia).

Aspects such as hospital infrastructure, quality of care, investments, patients’ comfort and certificates are evaluated. – We rate not only the finances but most importantly everything that influences the patient’s satisfaction – efficiency of treatment, quality of service and stay – informs Marcin Malinowski, leader of the “Safe Future Hospital” project. One of its parts is the ranking.

What are the health care facilities asked about? Questions such as: is there a 24-hour possibility of doing an x-ray and an ultrasound?, how many beds are there in the units?, is there a patients’ complaints consideration system and how does it work? Thanks to detailed answers, the organiser may evaluate the factors which really influence the health care quality.

Besides the “Golden Hundred”, also the best monospecialist hospitals were chosen (except oncological ones). Here we can find: the Cardiovascular Centre from Gdynia, Hemathology and Transfusiology Institute from Warsaw and the Autonomous Public Voivodship Hospital of Traumatology from Piekary Śląskie.

Among the non-surgical hospitals the podium is taken by the Hospital of Lung Deseases named after Father Rafał Chyliński from Łódź, the Voivodship Rehabilitation Hospital named after doctor S. Jasiński from Zakopane and the Voivodship Specialist Neuropsychiatric Centre named after Saint Jadwiga.

In a category rating the health care level, the hospitals with the highest score were: the City Hospital named after Copernicus from Olsztyn and the Autonomous Voivodship Hospital named after John Paul II from Zamość.

The list of the best 10 hospitals in each voivodship has been prepared seperately.

What conclusions do we see from rating the health care facilities? The hospitals’ financial situation improves gradually. In the end of 2014, 70% of hospitals had a positive financial score, in 2013 – only 65% – says Michał Bedlicki from the Health Care Quality Monitoring Centre.

We are particularly interested in efficiency and quality of treatment – adds Marcin Malinowski from the IDEA Trade. – What’s interesting, in the “Health care quality” category we’ve seen the same health care facilities for years. It is also visible that the hospitals’ chiefs pay attention to their staff training, investments in new equipment and gaining quality certificates.

The organisers of the ranking are: Health Care Quality Monitoring Centre and an advisory company IDEA Trade.
You can find the detailed report here: Ranking Szpitali 2015.

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