A 53-year-old man from Wrocław was disturbed by the noise coming from his neighbours’ apartment. He decided to go there and ask them to be quiet, and for that he paid the highest price.

Wrocław Wojszyce building

The place of the tragedy

A multi-family building in Wrocław Wojszyce was the site of the tragedy. On Tuesday night, there were noises coming from one apartment which did not appeal to a 53-year-old resident. He lost patience and went to talk to his neighbors.

He told the young people that they behaved too loudly, and that they disturbed the night’s rest. There was a quarrel, and afterwards, pushing and shoving. During that a 25-year-old stabbed the 53-year-old with a knife – reports superint. Krzysztof Zaporowski from the press office of the Lower Silesian Police.

It was outside. My husband started talking to them, because the neighbour from upstairs came out from the building with a friend. Before that they were partying, it was very loud. I don’t know what my husband was saying – recalls the 53-year-old’s wife, and remembers hearing a scream and seeing her husband collapse later.

An ambulance was called, resuscitation performed, but it did not work. The man died. The police have detained a 25-year-old student and his friend. They are in police custody. Their blood has been taken for analysis to see if they were under the influence of any intoxicants. It is known that the young man suspected of stabbing the 53yo was drunk.

We are explaining the circumstances of this event – says Zaporowski.

The young men have not heard charges yet.

As reported by the police, there were no incidents of the kind in the building. The preliminary information shows that there has been no police intervention since January.

As the local media report, the dead man was a photojournalist from the music industry.


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