Polish engineers of the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) in Warsaw have built FUNTER – an innovative vehicle combining the best features of trucks and F1 cars, an off-roader that can survive everything.

FUNTER was created by the Polish Automotive Industry Institutephoto: courtesy of PIMOT

FUNTER was created by the Polish Automotive Industry Institute
photo: courtesy of PIMOT

The whole project started in 2013 and the final effects are now presented to public at military and inventive fairs across the world. FUNTER was already awarded a gold medal in Brussels.


PIMOT specialists boast about their car holding up even under the most extreme conditions. The reasons are its suspension with an adjustable spring rate and the four-wheel steering (4WS) system. The first feature allows each wheel to move individually and the suspension adapts to the terrain, which means the car can drive basically everywhere where a regular off-roader would most certainly face some troubles.

The innovative 4WS system means steering front and rear wheels at the same time. That’s why the car can move not only forwards and backwards, but also sidewards. It can also turn almost around its axis.

Brakes were also additionally adapted to the technical capabilities of the suspension and steering: PIMOT experts are proud to announce that the ultra modern system enables braking with each wheel individually. Apart from that, pairs of wheels can be blocked separately, and not only on the front/rear axis but on the left/right as well.

Everything applied to this vehicle improves the safety of driving and increases its traction, since safety and functionality were FUNTER designers’ main goals.

Technical data
4.8 metre long
2.25 metre high
2.45 metre wide
wheelbase: 3.6 metre
ground clearance up to 0.6 metre
tyres: 455/70 R24
four-wheel drive
unladen mass: 7 tonnes

Sports off-roader

Sports cars served us as an inspiration because their constructors always pay great attention to car’s body rigidity and ensuring the so called safety zones for the driver and the passengers, – explains one of the PIMOT specialists.

It's an unstoppable sports off-roaderphoto: courtesy of PIMOT

It’s an unstoppable sports off-roader
photo: courtesy of PIMOT

While constructing the prototype the designers wanted to use as much regular materials as possible, not to hinder possible future mass production. It seems that uniformed services will be the first in line for this beast, since FUNTER can be upgraded by adding more body and placing sanitary, laboratory or workshop equipment.

It was thoroughly tested during the Anakonda 2016 manoeuvres at the Drawsko Pomorskie military training site. You can see FUNTER in action here.

Neither the official release date nor the price have yet been revealed.

Source: PIMOT, antyradio, dziennik.pl


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