According to European Commision data for September, Poland has become a drivers’ paradise.. when it comes to petrol prices, beaten to the bottom only by Estonia. Full EU country comparison table below.

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Poland – driver’s paradise?

Poland is among the countries in which popular gasoline Euro-super 95 has the best prices. Petrol in Poland is currently cheaper than in Bulgaria and Romania. The lowest price of petrol in Europe is Estonia (1.05 euros). In contrast, residents of the Netherlands pay the most for fuel (1.497 euros per litre), then British (1.489 euros) and Italians (1.478 euros).

After an increase in spring (when the price per litre of E95 in Poland exceeded 5zł), fuel prices reached the lowest levels in recent years. Some varieties of crude oil again dropped below $50 per barrel. Price declines are also visible at petrol stations.

European Union petrol price rankings

Country Price of E95 per litre, 28.09.2015
Estonia 1.05
Poland 1.06455
Bulgaria 1.07271
Hungary 1.07788
Latvia 1.10288
Luxembourg 1.12678
Lithuania 1.14197
Romania 1.1482
Czech Republic 1.1547
Austria 1.157
Spain 1.17476
Croatia 1.19133
Cyprus 1.19696
Slovenia 1.241
Slovakia 1.249
France 1.297
Belgium 1.30034
Germany 1.334
Sweden 1.33845
Ireland 1.339
European Union Average 1.34441
Eurozone Average 1.34922
Malta 1.35
Portugal 1.384
Greece 1.427
Finland 1.436
Denmark 1.45716
Italy 1.47823
United Kingdom 1.48904
Netherlands 1.497

Source: Weekly Oil Bulletin of European Commission from 28.09.2015

In the longer term fuel prices follow oil prices. It can be seen even after observing the dynamics of the last 9 months which shows a parallel decline of fuel prices to the cost of oil.

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The daily quotation of prices on international markets may be volatile for several weeks. It depends on the situation on the fuel market.

European refineries, including PKN Orlen, do not depend on oil prices but determine domestic fuel prices on the basis of their listing on the stock exchanges in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
– Adam Czyżewski, Chief Economist of PKN Orlen.

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