Today at 1pm the first session of the new term of the Polish Parliament will begin. MPs and senators take the vows, the Speakers of the lower chamber (Sejm) and the Senate will be selected, and Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz will resign her government. President Andrzej Duda will also speak to the new MPs.

The building of the Polish Parliament

The Polish Parliament

The new Parliament will not retain approx. half of the deputies and senators of the passing term. Those who did not obtain the support of voters, are entitled to severance – their total value is approx. 8 million złoty – according to the calculations of the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

236 current deputies and 52 senators will maintain their seats in the next government.

Of the 224 MPs of the previous term of the Sejm, 70 will be members of new parties – Kukiz’15 and Nowoczesna (Modern) Ryszard Petru. The rest will become members of PiS (Law and Justice) (107 of 235 deputies), the Civic Platform (37 of 138 MPs) and Polish Peasant Party (6 of 16 members). In turn, from the newly elected senators 37 represents PiS, 10 – the Civic Platform, and one senator is an independent one.

MPs and senators, who at the end of the parliamentary term will lose their seats – with the exception of those who went from the lower chamber to the high or vice versa – will be entitled to a Parliamentary severance payment equal to three monthly salaries, ie. approx. 30 thousand zł gross.

The total value of severance for former MPs this year will amount to about 8 million zł, of which Senate Chancellery will pay 1 million 157 thousand 400 zł.

The level and the rules for granting severance pay for MPs are regulated by the Act for Parliament Members and Senators. According to its provisions, each member is entitled to a severance payment at the end of term – except for those who were elected for another term.

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